Venues (i) Like is a small start-up band management and promotional company focusing on selling records and getting bands in front of fans and record buying customers! I use a combination of my 25+ years of business experience and business networking connections to make things happen, that otherwise haven’t happened up to the point I begin the partnership with a band. My focus will be to get fans involved and sell records.


Venues (i) Like manages local promotion, tour scheduling and promotional packaging, Venues (i) Like will assist in preparing, advising and evaluating all business aspects of the band/ artist from the ground up. My goal will be to provide the band/ artist with first class service, utilizing our extensive resources, at little or no cost to the artist, in obtaining the best exposure.

If you need assistance in getting your work moved to the next level and concentrate on what you enjoy, then let Venues (i) Like help get you to the next top billed Venue. I work on a basic commission structure plus expenses, so if you’re a band/ artist that has

developed a moderate book of work then contact me and lets discuss a partnership.

My IT and business background affords me a unique insight in social networking. I can scout many potential venues in order to draw the masses to your performances. I do believe it is important to maintain diversity and so I look at all opportunities for you to perform at.

pedal controllers

Venues (i) Like is not necessarily a promotion company because I believe there are many aspects of making the business end of the band work. I will look to work very close with my bands in order to create trust relationship and team effort. A focus of “Venues (i) Like” will be to manage the “business” and “legal” aspect of the band and make sure the band is protected across all aspects of their creativity and published work as an artist. My job is to organize, plan, and promote performances in an effort to get you maximum exposure.

I’m truly excited to see you succeed and share with the world your message, your music and your contribution to the history of music for generations to come.



Sound Engineer and PA system

Venues (i) Like works directly with legendary Rock’er Gary Brockman. We can handle most any sized venue from a small bar to festival of 5000. Please call if you have questions or need expert advise.

(513) 236-9449